Screaming Females

Avant de partir en vacances, on vous raconte l’histoire des Screaming Females, les artisans du punk rock issus de la micro-scène du New Jersey. Un Slippery When Wet plein de bruit (ah, le chant et les riffs de guitare de Marissa Paternoster !) et de… sueur (oui, il fait super chaud dans le studio).

-Screaming Females “Humanity arranged” [What if someone is watching their TV ?, Don Giovanni, 2007]

-Fugazi “Merchandise” [First Demo, Dischord, 2014/1988]

-Screaming Females “Halfway down” [Power move, Don Giovanni, 2009]

-Sleater-Kinney “Hubcap” [Call the doctor, Chainsaw, 1996]

-The Breeders “Skinhead #2” [All nerve, 4AD, 2018]

-Throwing muses “Vicky’s box” [Throwing muses, 4AD, 1986]

-Screaming Females “End of my bloodline” [All at once, Don Giovanni, 2018]

-Screaming Females “Red hand” [Ugly, Don Giovanni, 2012]

-The Coathangers “Dead battery” [Suck my shirt, Suicide squeeze, 2014]

-The Thermals “Returning to the fold” [The body, the blood, the machine, Sub Pop, 2006]

-Screaming Females “Burning car” [Rose mountain, Don Giovanni, 2015]

-White lung “Snake jaw” [Deep fantasy, Domino, 2014]

-Screaming Females “Sick bed” [EP Chalk tape, Don Giovanni, 2013]

-Bully “Feel the same” [Losing, Sub Pop, 2017]

-Cayetana “Favorite things” [Nervous like me, Tiny engines, 2014]


Sur attention, ça glisse !