***ALDALF #435 – 14/02/2019 ***


Fontaines D.C. – Big (Dogrel / Partisan Records)

MNNQNS – If only they could (Advertisement)

BODEGA – Name escape (Witness Scroll)

Drahla – Twelve divisions of the day ( Twelve divisions of the day)

Warmduscher – Big Wilma (Whale City)

Niklas Paschburg – Anew (Hiro Ama remix)

Mermonte (feat. Dominique A) – Les forces de l’ailleurs (Mouvement)

Marble Arch – I’m on my way ( Children of The Slump / Géographie)

Flavien Berger – Deadline (Contre-temps)

Boy Harsher – Lost (Careful)

Lali Puna – (Being Water EP/ Morr Music)

The Slow Show – Sharp Scratch (Sharp Scratch)