***ALDALF #431 – 22/11/2018 ***


Deerhunter – Death in midsummer (Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared?)
Blonde redhead – We should be holding hands ( We should be holding hands)
Pedro the lion – Yellow bike (Phoenix)
Preoccupations – Pontiac 87 (Telemetry at Howe bridge)
Paige Stark – Albatross (Albatross)
Boards of Canada – Turquoise hexagon sun (Music has the right to childen)
The Notwist – No encores (Shrink)
Sparklehorse – Chaos of the Galaxy/Happy man (Good morning Spider)
Myrra Ros – Thoughts spun (Thoughts spun)
Radical Face – Leaving the ground (Missing film)
Thom Yorke – Open again (Suspiria)
Grandaddy – Bison on the plains (Bison on the plains)