Playlist ‘ La scène Punk Powerpop de Los Angelès entre1978 et 1982 ‘
1-The Motels: So LA
2- The Low Numbers: Hotel Chamberlain
3-The 20/20:Yellows pills
4-The Plimsouls ; Making time (Live at LA)
5-X:LosAngelès ( Dangerhouse version)
6-The Pop: Panic
7-The Dils :Mr Big/
8-Eyes:Taqn /
9-The Weirdos: We got the neutrol bomb
10-The Zeros, : Wild week end
11-The germs: Lexicon evil/
12-The bags: survive/
13- The dickies ( I’m stuck in pagoda) with tricia toyota
14-the gogo’s: can’t stop the world

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