Hommage à Peter Tork, bassiste des Monkees; Puis brêve histoire du Folk country rock psyché à Los Angeles en quelques disques sortis en 1968

1- The Monkees: Tapioca tundra ( Mono Version)

2- The Monkees: Auntie’s municipale court ( Stéréo version)

3- The Byrds: Goin’ back

4- Heart and flowers : the Angel ( will you ever come down)

5- Dillards & Clark: lyin down the middle

6- Gosdin brothers: Bowlin green /

7- Maffitt and davies Landscape growns cold/

8- Stone Country: life stands starry me

9 -Rose garden: Coins of fun/

10- – Everly brothers: i wonder if i care as much

11- Euphoria: Stone River Hill Song/

12 Bernie Schwartz: Follow me

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