Là-haut dans l’Océan

Épisode 05 – straight from Lelailai at Rotterdam -To the Moon

Here is a big wonder mixed by Lelailai 2 hours and 45 minute of pure sweet happiness like just Léo know how to do !

From classic ambient bliss to really obscure records all linked by this « to the moon » box record find by Léo. It is a true spacial travel with strong emotion and pure weightlessness moment, some little fear of the space vacuum at the corner and a lot of internationnal love.

Playlist (dans le désordre désolé) :

the box: Michael Kapp ‎– To The Moon

Tony esposito – procession sul mar
Cybe – The Moon Is Shining Above The Ricefields
Terekke – NuWav2
Iury Lech – Barreras
Roberto Musci & Giovanni Venosta – Nexus On The Beach
Carlos Maria Trindade and Nuno Canavarro – Blu Terra
Anno Luz – Por Quê
Hiroshi Yoshimura -Tokyo Bay Area
Garrett-angel reflexion
Gaussian Curve – Impossible Island
Nuno Canavarro – Untitled
Mondo 004 selva
Music for show -au delà de l’océan
Elza soares-coracao do mar et Solto
Уходи, Дарящий
Roedelius – Regenmacher
le premier son enregistré de l’espace – Lmg 1
Shigeo Sekito – the world II

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