***ALDALF #428 – 27/09/2018 ***



AYS – Yesterday’s faces (Can you get there from here)
Small Leaks Sink Ships – Broken church bells (Polaroid people)
Fenster – HBW (The room)
Idles – Never fight a man with a perm (Joy as an act of resistance)
The declining winter – Near garden (Belmont slope)
Hood – The lost you (Outside closer)
Broadcast – Come on let’s go (The noise made by people)
Drinks – Corner shops (Hippo Lite)
Exploded view – Dark stains (Obey)
The married monk – Gravity (headgearalienpoo)
Flavien Berger – Maddy la nuit (Contretemps)

Styrofoam – Fully present (We can never go home)