ALDALF #401 – Jeudi 3 mars 2k16

La playlist :

Tacocat – Talk (Lost time)

Le Rug – 1779 (Game Over)

Vampire Blow – Real to me (Real to me)

Plastic Flowers – Diver (Heavenly)

Mothers – Copper Mines (When you walk a long distance you are tired)

Methyl Ethel – Idée fixe (Oh inhuman spectacle)

Stranded Horse – Refondre les hémisphères (Luxe)

Post industrial boys – Next time maybe (Unintended)

Fragments – Mountains & Lakes (Imaginary seas)

LNZNDRF – Future you (LNZNDRF)

Gold Class – The soft delay (It’s you)

Be Forest – Glow (Glow)

Moderat – Reminder (III)

Pantha du Prince – The winter hymn (The triad)


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