ALDALF #393, c’était ce soir. ‪#‎lareprise‬

Dogs on Acid – the prick (dogs on acid)
Space Classic – entering fall (following through)
BRNDA – snacks (year of the manatee EP)
Ms. John Soda – hero whales (loom)
Adult Mom – survival (momentary lapse of happily)
Fenster – off the cahin (emocean)
Bueno – sucia (guilt)
EL VY – return to the moon (return to the moon)
Kagoule – open mouth (urth)
Active Bird Community – pick me apart (i’ve been going swimming)
Palehound – cushioned caging (dry food)
Dan the human – palindrome (part one)
Helvetia – bermuda (dromomania)
Requin Chagrin – riviera (requin chagrin)

Bonne écoute sur campus grenoble