LA ROUTE DU ROCK vs. FREAKSHOW 2017 : des marinières aux pyrales, un retour très subjectif à l’antenne de RADIO CAMPUS GRENOBLE /// 90.8

Wolf Parade – You’re dreaming (Cry cry cry / Sub Pop Records)

Andy Shauf – Quiet like you (The party / Anti Records)
IDLES – Well done (Brutalism)
YAK – Harbour the feeling (Alas salvation)
Interpol – Stella was a diver and she was always down (Turn on the bright lights)
Arab Strap – Don’t ask me to dance (The last romance)
Soulwax – Transient program for drums & machinery (From deewee / [PIAS] France)
Fufanu – liability (Sports / One Little Indian Records)
Cocaine Piss – Piñacolalove (Piñacolalove)
Death Pedals – Low (Meat house)
Churros Batiment – Cadavres (Couteau / Le troupeau âcre)
Total Victory – Churchbuilder (National service / Specific Recordings x Kerviniou Recordz)

PETITE LEAGUE – Pulling teeth (Rips one into the night / The Native Sound)

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