ALDALF #397 – 7 janvier 2016 – Podcast


Diät – Toonie (Positive Energy / ADAGIO830)
The Ocean Party – Greedy (Light Weight)
Fufanu – Ballerina in the rain (Few More Days to Go / One Little Indian Records)
Jouk Mistrow – DEER (DEER)
The Walking Who – Speakin’ Ma Language (Lewiside)
Any Other – Something (Silently. Quietly. Going Away)
Daughter – Numbers (Not to disappear)
Yppah – Occasional Magic (Tiny Pause / Ninja Tune)
Jay Som – Slow (Untitled)
CLEARANCE – You’ve Been Pre-Approved (Rapid Rewards)
Soft Fangs – The air (The light)
Hood (band) – Britsh Radars (British Radars / Acuarela)
Big Putts – Donut (Prism b/w Donut)

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